• Mr. Irfan Patel,                                                  Chairman

• Mr. Ashfaq Patel,                                               Managing Trustee

• Mrs. Muniza Irfan,                                              Trustee

• Mrs. Anisa Ashfaq,                                             Trustee

• Mrs. Sana Junaid,                                              Trustee


Chairman’s Review

On behalf of the Board of Trustees of Patel Foundation, I ampleased to present the Annual Report of Patel Hospital forthe year ended 30th June, 2015. With the blessings of Almighty Allah, Patel Hospital has completed its sixteenthoperational year successfully. Quality healthcare through quality infrastructure and patients satisfaction remained our priority in the year 2014-15. We have established our faith in continuousimprovement in all areas of our operational framework to alleviate human suffering through healing hands. We arededicated and committed to deliver high quality care byfocusing on good governance, best practices, and strict compliance of quality and safety standards and wellbeing ofless privileged communities. We have created an environment that promotes continuous improvement inquality healthcare through professionalism. We feel sense ofsatisfaction that our services are reaching and helping thesuffering and needy segment of the society. Despite growing challenges, our talented and experiencedmedical professionals and administrative professionals deserve accolades for remaining steadfast and managing todeliver all the way through. We celebrate the past andreiterate our dedication to the future. Our aim is to cultivate a greater opportunity of growth that reflects our values andcreates pathway towards our progress. It is our firm belief that success comes from innovation andflawless execution. We are constantly and consistently innovating through technology to meet our patients’expectations. We are cultivating growth through ourforesighted decisions and technology driven operations. Wehave continuously maintained our position in healthcareservice through investment in technology and innovation in our operations. Development activities are being pursued with passion andkeenness. During the year 2014-15 Operation Theater has been equipped with C-Arm, Ventilator and Microscope.Construction of a State-of-the-Art Endoscopy Suit has beencommenced. The Suit will be equipped with latestequipment and it will take care of Gastroenterologypatients. A new Peads Ward is also being constructed. Thisward will be equipped with Incubators, Coats andVentilators to take care of the critically ill babies who requireventilation and intensive/special care. We firmly believe that our Human Resource is our asset andimportant factor in our success. Our intellectual Capitalprovides a framework that serves as a guiding force for theinstitution as a whole. We have full faith in peopledevelopment as most significant resource of the hospital isits employees. From top to bottom we have competentpeople who are aligned with our vision. We hire best peopleand provide them with growth opportunity by way oftraining and making them part of decision making process.Our people are exposed to challenging work and they aretested to their limits to unleash their ultimate potential. Pursuing to the innovation and excellence policy, we are inthe process of implementing Oracle EBS database. We areone of the few organizations to implement Oracle EBSdatabase and it will prove to be a significant step towardsexcellence. Our vision is to adopt State-of-the-Artinformation technology infrastructure and ERP system whichwill not only support our growth and expansion but will alsobring more efficiency, strengthen integration of all ouroperations, simplify processes, eliminate redundancies,reduce communication gaps and information processing time. In the field of teaching and training, Patel Institute ofNursing and Allied Health Sciences have been performingremarkably. During the year under review students of theInstitute secured 1st position in the examination of first yearheld by Sindh Nursing Examination Board. The Institutefurther secured 100% result of 1st year, 2nd year and 3rdyear examinations of the Board. A partfrom this, PakistanNursing Council, Islamabad has affiliated one year MidwiferyProgram of the institute which has also been approved bythe Government of Sindh. During the year 2014-15 total sum spent onphilanthropically supported patients was Rs. 136.164 millionover 15,213 patients as against Rs. 116.398 million over20,686 patients in the immediately preceding year 2013-14showing an increase over the previous year 17% in terms ofamount. This was made possible with the unconditional andcontinued support of friends and well-wishers. The Trustees of Patel Foundation realize thataccomplishment of the hospital and its present standingcould not have been possible without capable andknowledgeable employees whose high professionalstandards, commitments and perseverance have played akey role in making this possible. We at the same time takethis opportunity to express our sincere appreciation andgratitude for the continued support and patronage of ourdonors, associates and well-wishers without which thisjourney more than often beset with challenges would nothave been possible. The trust and confidence reposed in us and the cooperationand understanding extended by our donors, associates andwell-wishers is our most valuable asset and we remaincommitted to safeguarding and preserving in the daysahead. We are immensely grateful to them for theirdemonstrating unremitting confidence, invaluable supportand the contribution. Finally, I thank the members of the ManagementCommittee, the Finance Committee and the AuditCommittee for their purposeful efforts and endlesscommitment towards this institution. We bow to Almighty Allah and pray for His blessings,guidance, success and sustainability of this institution. On behalf of the Board of Trustees .

Irfan Patel

Managing Trustee’s Message

We take immense pleasure in presenting the Performance Report of Patel Hospital alongwith Audited Financial Statements ofthe Foundation for the year ended 30th June, 2015 together with the Auditors’ Report thereon. By the grace of Almighty Allah, the overall performance of the hospital during the year remained satisfactory. We have beencontinuously taking numerous measures in our operation ensuring optimum utilization of all available resources to reducecost of services. We are strengthening efficiency of our operation by cost rationalization and streamlining managementstructure for sustainability of the hospital. We have adopted a policy to align our objectives to our vision and missionstatement and this journey is continuing. There has been no significant change in our objectives and strategies from the previous year. During the financial year 2014-15 the hospital suffered a loss of Rs. 12.465 million as compared to the loss of Rs. 9.960 millionin the year 2013-14. The increase in loss during the current year as compared to the corresponding year is mainly attributableto increase in compensation and benefits of the employees. During the year 2014-15 employees were paid compensation andbenefits amounting to Rs. 286.050 million as compared to Rs. 233.731 million in the year 2013-14. We are taking appropriatemeasures for optimum utilization of capacity so as to increase revenue, reduce expenses and move towards financial stabilitywithout compromising quality of service which is the integral part of our operation. In the current year gross revenue of Rs. 743.240 million was higher by 16.10% as compared to the previous year. The increasein revenue during the current year was mainly due to rise in medical services. Increase in gross revenue improved financialposition of the hospital. Net cash generated from hospital’s operating activities amounted to Rs. 80.238 million as against Rs.37.618 million in the previous year. We have an effective cash flow management system in place whereby cash inflows and outflows are projected and monitoredon a regular basis. Working capital requirements are managed mainly through internal cash generation. Our cash position isnot only good enough to support our operational requirements but also enable us to capitalize on available cost-savingopportunities. During the year under review we collected a sum of Rs. 109.672 million in the Zakat Fund as against Rs. 78.408 million in theimmediately preceding year. In the current year medical assistance amounting to Rs. 83.696 million was provided to thedestitute patients from Zakat Fund as against Rs. 76.685 million in the previous year. Increase in the amount of medicalassistance was possible with unconditional support from our adherents and friends who share our mission. We would like to thank all our donors, associates and well-wishers for their support, cooperation and understanding extendedto us all at Patel throughout the year 2014-15. Such considerations have enabled us to add yet another successful year toPatel’s history. As we entered 2015-16 we look forward to their continuous financial support and generous contribution forthe noble cause. We also wish to thank to all our consultants and staff for their dedicated commitment which has been asource of strength and inspiration to this institution.

Ashfaq Patel
Managing Trustee