The Radiology Department is certified  by the Pakistan Nuclear Regulatory Authority (PNRA) and it provides 24 hours following facilities under teamwork of highly skilled and dedicated radiologist and certified radiographers:

• General Radiography

• Special Radiography (IVP, Hysterosalpingogram – HSG, Barium Study)

• Portable Radiography

• Fluoroscopy

• Ultrasound

• Color Doppler

• Echocardiography

• CT Scan (Advanced Multislice CT Scan System)

• Interventional Radiology


• Mammography

• Bone Densitometry

• Dexa Scan

• Ultrasound and CT guided procedures (eg aspiration, drainage, biopsy)

The radiography procedures are carried out on Computed Radiography System (CR), which has minimized the patient waiting time, radiation dose, report turnaround time, simultaneous viewing of images by multiple users, and increased throughput.