Diagnostic Laboratory Services offers 24/7 services that cater to the needs of inpatients, outpatients and outside referrals by providing the best possible and modern diagnostic facilities at Patel Hospital.

The Diagnostic Laboratory Department is internationally recognized with external quality assurance program RIQAS and highly qualified faculty and skilled technical staff are engaged in providing comprehensive Hematology, Microbiology (including Bacteriology, serology and Parasitology), Clinical and Special Chemistry, Immunology, Molecular Biology, Histopathology & Cytopathology; and Blood Bank services.


This department helps in the diagnosis of blood disorders e.g. anemia, blood clotting problems and leukaemias. Many of the tests are automated but may only become meaningful after skill and judgment has been applied.

Blood Bank

The safety of patients receiving blood transfusions depends upon the high level of skill and concentration for the task of blood grouping and for cross matching the donated blood, thereby ensuring that the patient receives the correct blood when it is required. The Blood Bank of Patel Hospital provides the facilities of mega unit platelets, plasmapheresis, platelet concentrates and other blood components.


The department provides a diagnostic service and provision of information to prevent the spread of disease in the hospital and community. The results of procedures for the isolation and identification of microorganisms from specimens also assists in the appropriate treatment of infections and reduces the risk of antibiotic resistance developing.

Molecular Biology

The Lab is equipped with state of the art real time PCR machine. It has a wide range of diagnostic and research capabilities. Currently we offer HCVRNA (qualitative and quantitative) analyses and HBVDNA testing.

All departments work to high quality standards and particular in external quality assessment program, which assures that the work performed, is of the highest quality and comparable to that in other hospitals. This involves continuously assessing the quality of the services ensuring we deliver the best possible diagnostic care to the patients we serve.


Dr. Kamran Dawood - FCPS (Microbiology)

Consultant Pathologist

Dr. Zain Ul Abiden - FCPS (Haematology)

Consultant Hematologist